It’s Deer!

A family were given venison by a friend. The wife cooked the deer steaks and served them up for dinner.

“What is this?” asked their young daughter. “Is it beef?”

“No,” answered the father.

“Is it pork?” asked their young son next.

“No,” said the father. “I’ll give you a clue. It’s what Mum sometimes calls me.”

“Spit it out, sis!” yelled the boy. “We’re eating asshole!”


14 Daunting Books Every Man Must Read

This was another article I found after roaming the web pages of This article details 14 daunting books that every man must read, of course apart from your holy scriptures. I personally have never read any of these books. I maybe almost have read Moby Dick and A Brief History of Time. But other than that, I don’t think I’ve even heard some of them. But┬ánonetheless, after reading it from, I will certainly take it into consideration to reading these books. Well, in consideration, not really reading it. The processing time from consideration to actually reading it takes time. Months and years even.

I Slipped Too

A little man walked into a bar and slipped on a pile of dog poo by the door. Moments later, a burly biker came in and slipped on it as well.

The little man said: “I just did that.”

And the biker hit him.

Pay Up

A shoplifter was caught red-handed trying to steal a watch from an exclusive jewellery shop. The shoplifter pleaded with the manager not to call the cops and said he would happily buy the watch. After careful deliberation, the manager agreed.

“That’s 500 dollars then.”

“Hmmm,” said the shoplifter, “that’s more than I planned to spend. Could you show me something less expensive?”

The 50 Coolest Book Covers

I got this article from Facebook that linked it to a article. It details the 50 books that have the coolest covers. I got to admit it, those covers that they show were cool. This goes to show that a book without a good cover isn’t as good as it is with a great cover. People always say that you don’t judge a book by its cover but lets face it, when you go to the bookstore, why do you pick up that book or even notice it out of the thousands of book there? Because of its cover! ‘Nuff said.

Soul’s the Catch

A lawyer was approached by the devil with a proposition. The devil said he’d arrange the devil to win every case, make twice as much money, work half as hard, be appointed to the Supreme Court Bench at 49 and live to be 95. In return, the lawyer had to promise the devil the souls of the parents, his wife and his three young children.

The lawyer thought for a moment and said: “So what’s the catch?”

7 Great Foods (That Were Created Thanks To Dick Moves)

I had read this Cracked article a few months back and as I was reading some more articles on Cracked I found this little article again. I didn’t realize at first that this was an article that I’ve read but then I did realize it. Point is, this is a good article. Made me laugh and all. I wouldn’t go too far as to say that what the subjects in the article did were dick moves. I’d say that they were stupid moves. Really, really, and some life-threateningly stupid moves. Just, I had fun reading it, especially the artificial sweetener entry.