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The Baby Camel And Its Father

One day,  a baby camel and its father had a conversation.

Baby Camel: Dad, why do we have humps on our backs?

Father Camel: Well, son, our humps contain the fat necessary to sustain us though all the days when we’re out in the desert.

Baby Camel: Oh, okay. Dad, why do we have long eyelashes?

Father Camel: They’re to protect our eyes from the sandstorms which rage in the desert.

Baby Camel: I get it now. Dad, why do we have big padded feet?

Father Camel: Because the sand in the desert is very soft and we need big feet so that we can walk on the sand without sinking.

Baby Camel: Thanks, Dad. So what are we doing in London Zoo?


14 Daunting Books Every Man Must Read

This was another article I found after roaming the web pages of This article details 14 daunting books that every man must read, of course apart from your holy scriptures. I personally have never read any of these books. I maybe almost have read Moby Dick and A Brief History of Time. But other than that, I don’t think I’ve even heard some of them. But nonetheless, after reading it from, I will certainly take it into consideration to reading these books. Well, in consideration, not really reading it. The processing time from consideration to actually reading it takes time. Months and years even.

The 50 Coolest Book Covers

I got this article from Facebook that linked it to a article. It details the 50 books that have the coolest covers. I got to admit it, those covers that they show were cool. This goes to show that a book without a good cover isn’t as good as it is with a great cover. People always say that you don’t judge a book by its cover but lets face it, when you go to the bookstore, why do you pick up that book or even notice it out of the thousands of book there? Because of its cover! ‘Nuff said.

7 Great Foods (That Were Created Thanks To Dick Moves)

I had read this Cracked article a few months back and as I was reading some more articles on Cracked I found this little article again. I didn’t realize at first that this was an article that I’ve read but then I did realize it. Point is, this is a good article. Made me laugh and all. I wouldn’t go too far as to say that what the subjects in the article did were dick moves. I’d say that they were stupid moves. Really, really, and some life-threateningly stupid moves. Just, I had fun reading it, especially the artificial sweetener entry.

Amazing win but I took a while to reblog this. I guess that I am still quite shocked and so, so proud. Read my comments on my next blog post entitled ‘One Week After: Chelsea are Kings of Europe.


Atlast proved the critics that WE are THE ” PRIDE OF LONDON “. We become the first club from London to win the Champions League. 

For Abramovich, he tried the Tinkerman, the Special One, the director of football, the World Cup winner, the European Cup winner, the Champions League specialist, and the young upstart – but, in the end, it took the caretaker to win Europe’s biggest prize for Roman Abramovich. Di Matteo, former MK Dons boss and sacked by West Brom before becoming Villas-Boas’ assistant, came in to steady the ship, to hold the fort until the summer when a ‘proper’ coach could be found, one who could propel the club into the owner’s dreamland.

Di Matteo’s final game as interim manager since taking over from Andre Villas-Boas ended with a dramatic 4-3 win on penalties against Bayern in their own Allianz Arena after the game ended 1-1. He was warmly…

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The Diary of John Slater / Entry #3

Is life seperated in partitions? There will be good time and there will be bad times, all seperated into partitions that don’t interact with each other.  For one time in my life, there seem to be only bad luck that happens, but then in another time, there seem to be an endless stream of good lucks that for most of it, all of my bad lucks are forgotten. Life sure is good if that could happen. Could it?

But that would be forgetting Murphy’s Law. What is Murphy’s Law, dear diary? Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. I don’t know where it started, perhaps I will check it in Wikipedia later. But Murphy’s Law actually supports my theory on luck. When things are good, then Murphy’s Law messes things. Then after Murphy’s Law ends, so starts good luck until the cycle is repeated that it becomes bad again. On and on without an end. Perhaps I should patent it and call it Slater’s Law. Luck is devided in partitions that will go around and around without an end.

Now, enough with the rambling, time to get to the juice. What is it, you ask? Well, something bad has happened. Well, good if it’s viewed in a normal way but when you combine it with the manuscript, it becomes bad. Well, sort of.

This all started when I went to drink coffee at a shop called Delicino, a name created from the portmanteu of Delicious and Cappucino. To make a long story short, I met Samantha. Yeah, you read right, diary. Samantha, the girl who read my stories and who was a super-reader. The reason I became a writer! In case you have a bad memory, which you don’t cause you aren’t even real, she was the girl I talked about in my first entry. She was my whole reason for writing. I had to repeat that! But I haven’t seen her in years. Why is she suddenly here, in my hour of need and desperation? Is it a sign from fate? Wow, that seemed too poetic.

“Samantha?” I said, that surprised tone faked because I could see her from the moment I entered the store.

“Slater? John Slater?” she said, the surprise in her voice real as real can be.

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This is so great! I am definitely going to download that app when I get the market version of Windows 8. WordPress looks good on Windows 8, doesn’t it?