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Castle: Season One

What is Castle: Season One about?
Castle tells the story of a writer who has found himself drawn into an investigation after a murderer uses his books as killing references. During that first episode, Richard Castle, the writer is brought into the investigation after the murderer uses his books as reference for a few murderer. After the first case is resolved, Castle, who is experiencing writers’ block at the time goes to his friend the Mayor and asks to be with the team, especially Detective Kate Beckett who Castle intends to make his muse. So begins a writer-detective relationship that will span many seasons.

What did you think of the story?
It was creative, I can tell you that. Instead of just a detective like in CSI, they make a crime writer follow her and eventually, falling in love (that is many seasons ahead). This idea of a writer in crime investigations is really intriguing since writers are known to be excellent in detail. Which is why in the series, Castle is always the one who figures out stupid scenarios that eventually lead to the murderer.

What did you think of the character?
A male writer following a female detective. A romance story and crime stories. The female despises (in a friendly way) the male character. This has great character development written all over it. The characters of Castle has some serious development to do because most traits shown in the first season is subtle traits, traits that can be exploited as the series goes on. Because of that, Castle will continue for a long time because of this potential character development.

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Worst Week

What is Worst Week TV series all about?
Well basically, its about this man named Sam Briggs who’s girlfriend, Mel Clayton was pregnant out of wedlock. They are planing to get married but there was just one obstacle: Mel’s family. Being a traditional family, the Clayton’s wouldn’t appreciate that Sam had made Mel pregnant. And it doesn’t help that Sam is extremely nervous when it’s about the Claytons which will result in accidents and disaster towards the Claytons whenever Sam is around.

Was there anything you thought was wrong with the series?
Actually, there is. The series is called Worst Week so you would expect that it happened in a week but it didn’t. It would be fine if it was in a couple of weeks but events sometimes happen on random days, not week. Totally contradicts the title but don’t judge a book by its cover. Another thing is that the accidents that happened around Sam, while is highly believable would be highly improbable. Oppose me all you can but I don’t think that someone would have that much bad luck.

Did you think Worst Week was funny?
Before watching the series, I did check¬†whether¬†or not it would be rewarding to watch Worst Week. Some say that it was the best of the year but some say it was a total rip-off of the British series The Worst Week of My Life. Rip-off or not, it was hilarious. I laughed the whole time because Sam was so careless and people weren’t showing signs of anger. They were mad but they sure as hell didn’t show it. Maybe that’s why I thought it was so funny, action and reaction of the characters.

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