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Portal 2 by Valve Corporations

I am actually not someone who is fond of games. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing games, maybe as much as I love reading. What I am not fond of are games that waste my time and have ridiculous plot lines that I don’t even have fun playing. For Portal 2, it is neither time-wasting as everything is fast-paced and the plot is exquisite, especially the ending.

In Portal 2, gamers take control of Chell (her name is not even mentioned once in Portal 2), a test subject at an abandoned Aperture Science Innovators Lab. Having survived the first games after destroying GLaDOS, the ‘controller’ of the Lab, she wakes up again in a room at Aperture and after accidentally causing GLaDOS to wake up again, she must once again survive the tests and kill GLaDOS for a second time.

GLaDOS, as she appears in Portal 2

To me, what is most important in a game is the story. A good game has a good story and because of that, people keep playing. With Portal 2, I just had to keep playing. The mystery and the twists especially after Chell defeated GLaDOS was pure class. Another robot, one that helped Chell kill GLaDOS no less was the one who took over. And the mysteries surrounding the origins of GLaDOS was also something to ponder about.

I bet that some gamer just hate this game because of the puzzles. This game is not a game for people who only feel fun playing a game that kills people or monsters. This is a game of brains. A physics game no less. To beat the game, the mind must be sharp and the eyes must be minute. Every detail is important. That detail may just get you out of Aperture alive.

Old entrance of the Aperture Science Innovators

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