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5 Ways To Better Enjoy Euro 2012

The Euro 2012 is finally here and with it comes the celebration, the enjoyment and the craziness that is football. However, being three weeks long and with a game taking place almost every day, following the Euros can be somewhat tiring and its no surprise that some stop halfway and just wait for the final. Here I include some of the ways that I think can make you enjoy the Euros better, especially if you’re halfway around the world, like me.

1. Pick a Team or Two to Support

This is a no-brainer. Unless you’re a sports analyst, there is no way you’ll be able to watch every single game there is. Even if you’re a true lover of the beautiful game, you’ll eventually feel tired of watching every single game of the group stage, especially if the games turn out to be shit boring. So, the solution to avoid those boring games? Just pick a team or two to watch.

This is one team…

Or pick a  team or two from every group. That way, you can rest when the games being played does not have your team in it. This is especially helpful when you’re living halfway across the world from Poland and Ukraine and have to watch the game at 3 freaking AM. For me, I keep it simple and just watch the predicted champions. Or watch teams that have lots of players that you recognize. That way, while watching, you can think back how good those players are at their leagues but suck greatly at the international level (or the other way around). Another way is to watch the games that get all the hype such as the opening game or the highlighted important games.

… and this is another team.

For people living in Europe and have their own national teams, congratulations. To Asians who have no obligation to any European country, pick one and support them in the Euros. Trust me, you’ll watch the Euros better because of it. My choice? Germany and Spain! I also watch other interesting teams but I don’t support them though. I also watch for either potential upsets or demolitions. Those are fun!

2. Wear the National Colors

This sort of applies and doesn’t apply to people living outside Europe. People in Europe and have a team to support, wear you kits. That is perhaps the easiest way to be proud of your country and have fun with your compatriots as well. If your national kits turns out to be, toxic, just buy rip offs. Their quality is so poor that they barely last a week after heavy use. And in the Euros, there will be heavy use.

These kits may be toxic but at least you’re supporting.

As for those people outside Europe, just wear your favorite team. Its as simple as that. Wear the team that you think will win and support them by wearing their kits. And in non-European countries, where lots people won’t wear the same kits (some will wear Germany, Holland, Italy, England and even Croatia), it gets added fun as we debate about why each country will win the Euro.

3. Plan a Schedule

This may seem weird to some some Europeans who watches the Euro based on the games schedule itself and nothing else, but this is actually a very big deal for non-European countries. As I’ve said before, in Malaysia, we can watch the Euros games at midnight and 3 AM because we are halfway around the world from Poland and Ukraine. If we didn’t have a schedule, all hell will break lose as we becomes zombies the next day at work and school due to not having enough sleep.

Again, no need to remind you what happened to my teacher and my plumber during the 2010 World Cup.

Plan your sleep and work time around your game of choice. Sleep whenever you can for us Asians. Sleep is very important and if you have accidentally chosen to watch a boring match, not getting enough sleep will tire you out and before halftime, you’ll fall asleep. I’ve been there and it ain’t pretty. So make a schedule and sleep well. Simple as that.

4. Get Snacks and Drinks

This is also another no-brainer. You wanna watch the Euros but you have no food and drinks with you? What are you? A sponge? Get snacks! Get junk foods! Get Coke! If you drink, get beer. Do whatever it takes to make Euro-watching time your fun time. For me, Coke or ice cold coffee can do the trick. Imagine the bliss of drinking Coke while cheering for a goal… Priceless!

5.  Get Together, Relax and Enjoy the Euros

The way I have been going about in this post is as if this was something truly serious. But in truth, it is not. It is a time for fun, for friends and for the love of the beautiful game. You don’t have to be stressed watching a game or else the true purpose of the games is lost.

Supporting from stadiums are overrated. I mean, as long as we’re passionate, wherever we are, its the same, right? Right?

What better way to enjoy the game than to invite friends over to watch? Or go out with friends and watch it on big screens at restaurants all over town. You may not get to be there in Poland and Ukraine but at least you’ll be cheering with your friends and to me, that is one of the best ways to enjoy your Euros. Have  fun everyone!


Fan Reaction at the End of the 2011/12 Season

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