14 Daunting Books Every Man Must Read

This was another article I found after roaming the web pages of Shortlist.com. This article details 14 daunting books that every man must read, of course apart from your holy scriptures. I personally have never read any of these books. I maybe almost have read Moby Dick and A Brief History of Time. But other than that, I don’t think I’ve even heard some of them. But nonetheless, after reading it from Shortlist.com, I will certainly take it into consideration to reading these books. Well, in consideration, not really reading it. The processing time from consideration to actually reading it takes time. Months and years even.


One response to “14 Daunting Books Every Man Must Read”

  1. David Stewart says :

    Of the ones on there I’ve read, I’d agree with all buy Ulysses. Let me know if you find anyone who really enjoyed reading that. That must be an amazing person.

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