EURO 2012 (from Malaysia)

It’s that time of the year again where not knowing anything new about football (soccer to some) can get you in deep shit. Not knowing or not keeping up with football will literally be met with jeers, leers and lots of nasty stuff. Keep up with football and maybe just know a little bit more will be awarded with smiles, laughter and a whole lot of brotherly (or humanly) love. Such is the awesome power of the European championships.

As I am writing this, there is less than an hour left till the opening ceremony in Poland where Poland will face off with the Euro 2004 champions Greece. I will be sitting in front of the TV watching every bit of it but I thought that for now, why don’t I just sit down in front of the computer, open my WordPress and just write about the Euro 2012?

As some of you might know, I live in a country in the South East Asia called Malaysia. Not that big a country but with proud culture and rich heritage. Ever since our country had achieved its independence in 1957, we have always loved football. We kinda suck playing it but we loved it. We are below the 100 in the world FIFA ranking but we still loved it. Football is even the national sport here and thousands show up when an international friendly takes place at the national stadium. Perhaps its something that was sparked by the arrival of the best player Malaysia has ever seen. His name was Mokhtar Dahari. I won’t elaborate much but he was given the name Super Mokh and had at one time been accused of using witchcraft because he was so good. His prominence would ignite the flame that is Malaysia’s collective love for the beautiful game.

Now, Malaysia and Europe are really far apart. Even English Premier League games are often watched at night when it is played in the evening there and is also watched at 3 AM when it is played night there. So that’s a really huge time difference. So what does it mean for games at the Euro 2012? Well, from the schedule, most games will either be 12 AM or 3AM Malaysian time. Those are late times to watch football, especially when it happens virtually everyday.

People will be literally dreaming this ball in their sleep for weeks. Media coverage has caused… inception.

So, the subject that I wanted to tackle (see what I did there?) from the beginning of this post was what does this mean for Malaysians? I decided to write this after being inspired by an article in one of the newspaper here in Malaysia. Basically, Malaysian fans, who are made up of people working from 9-5 and also students, will stay up late at night to watch these games or certain games that attract them.

I personally know how hard it is to time your sleep around football matches in Malaysia. Needless to say, its hard. I’ve watched every Champions League game Chelsea played and they were all at 3 AM. Sometimes, when I had school, I would sleep first then wake up at 3. When I didn’t have school, I’d sleep in the afternoon and stay up all night watching reruns of 30 Rock before watching the game. Again, needless to say, its freaking hard.

While he was playing… I was drinking coffee. I’m only human.

For Malaysians, we will probably see a collective Football Fever in which people, tired and exhausted from watching the game all night, go to school and work in that state. Performance will decrease and unless you know football, you’ll be eaten alive by these football zombies. This is also the time where we will see eyebags appearing from students and even the teachers know that its because of football because their husbands probably stayed up late to watch it too. You think I’m joking? This shit happened during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It’s real and it happened before. Football zombies, they’re real.

This shit is real. That’s my teacher on the left. The plumber’s on the right.

This thing is an epidemic but people just need to manage their time around the games. Manage it good and it’d be like nothing happened. Better yet, the ones who just love watching without caring for results can just watch repeats but who loves that, right? Football must be watched live to get the thrill and drama that football always has. The simplest solution for this problem of watching late at night, you ask? Just go to Poland and Ukraine. There, problem solved.


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9 responses to “EURO 2012 (from Malaysia)”

  1. ML-X says :

    Ooh, this makes me so happy to be in Europe! I’d probably miss out on the late games since I have to get up at 6am for work, since I’m awful on little sleep. Hope you enjoyed the Russia – Czech Republic game as much as I did!

    • Musha Slater says :

      I certainly did enjoy the Russia – Czech Republic game. It was so entertaining. If it weren’t for the plentiful goals, I’d probably be asleep already because it started at 3 AM.

      • ML-X says :

        Well, I have to admit I made it to the 70th minute only, so I missed the last two goals 😦 And it was only 11pm over here! Really looking forward to tonight’s games though, they’re very promising if you ask me.

        • Musha Slater says :

          Yeah… They sure are promising. As I am replying to your comment, I’m waiting for the German vs Portugal game so I already watched the Netherlands defeat to Denmark. I’m really sorry for the loss. The Netherlands was good but Denmark sure had some resolve.

          • ML-X says :

            Thanks, but they really had it coming. I have the idea they weren’t as fit as they were supposed to be, but that might just be me. Was a bit disappointed with Germany vs Portugal too, until the last bit. Glad Germany won though!

            • Musha Slater says :

              Yeah, me too.. I expected more from Germany but they only managed one goal. Hoped to see more though.

              • ML-X says :

                Oh well, let’s hope we’ll have better luck tonight! Italy and Croatia for me, who are you rooting for apart from Spain this time?

                • Musha Slater says :

                  Apart from Spain, I have interest in Ireland as I know some of the players from the Premier League. But I also know some Croatians players so I think I’m taking a neutral side on that game. So I guess I’m only rooting for Spain tonight. I’ll be especially looking at Torres as he is the main Chelsea man tonight!

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