The Dictator

A very funny and straightforward review of The Dictator.

Cut The Crap Movie Reviews

5/10 Deaths to the West

Well, at least he got to dump ashes on Seacrest.

The Dictator is about a tyrannical…wait for it…dictator from the fictional North African, oil-rich country of Wadiya. He is the law, he loves oppressing his people, he’s developing a nuclear program for “research purposes only” – he’s like Putin, Gadaffi, and Ahmadinejad all rolled into one, only hairier. Aside from the loneliness that his doubles tennis partner Kim Jong-Il knew all too well, life is good for Admiral General Aladeen…until the UN threatens to take military action against him. So he heads off to New York City to address their concerns in person, but then gets kidnapped and stripped of his beard/power by his jealous uncle. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, he gets taken under the wing of a tree-hugging health food store owner and slowly comes…

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