Approximately One Year and A Half Later: Mubarak Finally Sentenced

I’m not sure what exactly drove me to write this post. Suddenly, after reading a post entitled ‘Life is Just a Bowl of… Tart Cherries’, I suddenly felt compelled to write about Hosni Mubarak’s current situation. I don’t think that there is a particularly close relationship between cherries with Egypt or Mubarak or the revolution but whatever. Or perhaps its because of my highly enthusiastic observation during the original revolution that got me writing about this particular topic again.

Tart Cherries

Do these things have anything to do with Egypt and Mubarak?

As most of my close friends know, I was highly passionate of the Egyptian revolution when it started on the 25th January 2011. I was a Malaysian living in Malaysia yet somehow followed the revolution day by day until it ended after 18 days of protest. I even got one of the articles I wrote about the revolution published in a magazine called ‘Milenia’.

Even before the revolution started, I had always read about war stories and I had always admired those historians who go at great lengths to record the history of the wars so that people won’t forget them. Seeing a conflict ongoing live on TV was perhaps what made me wanted to document everything so that I could someday ‘publish’ my memory of the revolution. But alas, I did not record everything but hey, at least I got one article published.

English: A Egyptian football player kicking Ho...

Mubarak didn’t actually leave office until the 11th February but you get the message.

Two days ago, I had heard the news that Hosni Mubarak is finally sentenced but not to death as most people predicted but by a  lifetime in prison, which is not that long considering he’s really, really old. Appearing solemnly in court, he was a different man than Saddam Hussein long ago. I had always compared Hosni Mubarak to Saddam Hussein and I expected their behavior in court to be almost alike but it was not.

Whereas Saddam was still energetic and had yelled like he was still the ruler of Iraq, Mubarak was less discrete and looked defeated. He was indeed an old man and old man don’t do much. In the end, his sons were free after cleared of bribery charges and Mubarak is going to prison forever for ordering the murder of protestors during the revolution.

English: President George W. Bush and Egyptian...

These times did happen before. Never again…

Needless to say, people were not happy. Last time I checked, people went to the streets demanding that he get the same treatment that Saddam Hussein got, death by hanging. People are not very forgiving. I heard that Egyptians are especially a rough bunch and hated just being pushed around by normal people. But they were lied to by the leaders that they had trusted to manage their country. As a result, they were poor people who lived along or below the poverty line everyday. So it came to no surprise that people didn’t like what Mubarak got.

But still, he’s an old man. He may have done some crime but did they think that the court would sentence a man so frail to death by hanging? That would be even crueler and would show the wrong message to people of other countries. That temporary action may have gotten those protestors support but it won’t take long for people to realize that the court is stooping to the same level that Mubarak had once.

Português: O presidente do Egito Hosni Mubarak.

He was never the same man again…

Whatever I have written is purely my own opinions. I do not endorse nor do I not-endorse anything that has to do with the politics of Egypt. I’m just writing.


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3 responses to “Approximately One Year and A Half Later: Mubarak Finally Sentenced”

  1. atoasttodragons says :

    One of the requirements of a civilized society is that it respects its own laws. If the Egyptians set up a court system that decided that Mubarak should only serve life and not hang, then they should accept. Of course, that may be easier said than done, especially in a case like this.

    • Musha Slater says :

      You are absolutely right. In a case like this, people just let the blood flow to their head and mess their judgement. It makes it harder for the court to make a decision because of external pressure. Thanks for reading.

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