Mind Lapses: Brilliant Yet Dangerous

First of all, I would like to point out that I have no certificate or whatsoever in psychology, neurology or any other thing to do with the study of the brain and its function. But I’m one heck of a debater. Sorry, just wanted to slip that right in. Anyways, my point is that whatever I am writing, I am writing purely of opinion and my writing is anything but scholarly. It is purely for pleasure and perhaps for the mind stimulation of my readers.

Daydreaming gentleman in 1912

This image actually has nothing to do with this post. I just thought it was creepy.

Now, referring to my title, what are mind lapses? I know not of the scientific term for this ‘phenomenon’ but in simple terms, people will call it daydreaming. Yes, what I have creatively named  as mind lapses is just daydreaming. There is a reason for that which I will touch on later.

Now, what I will be telling you is based simply on my own experiences and I do not know if anyone else have these ‘phenomenon’. If you do, feel free to comment below.

Why I can my daydreams as mind lapses because while I daydream, my mind will be ‘transported’ and will go ‘somewhere else’. No, I am not experiencing a spiritual phenomenon or even extraterrestrial. My mind likes daydreaming so much that it pretty much escapes from whatever I am doing. As such, I sometimes forget what I was doing and most of the times, my eyes go out of focus as an effort to focus more on imaging my daydream. That’s why I call them mind lapses, my mind simply becomes some sort of blank, thus creating lapses in my mind.

Now, keep in mind that my theory may or may not be true but the circumstances of these ‘mind lapses’ are true. Sometimes, these lapses become so serious that my focus are diverted from whatever it is that I am doing. But luckily, these mind lapses are short in time. It usually lasts a couple of seconds before I realize that I was just daydreaming. But even a few seconds are vital when driving and I do, I repeat, I do have these lapses during driving. They are dangerous as hell.

Whatever you readers may say, whether I am just over reacting or I am just having a simple case of extreme daydreaming, it occurs enough in my head that I felt the need to write this in my blog in the Ponderings section. But hey, I may name my ‘condition’ as mind lapses but even I know that I am just daydreaming, heavily.

Oh, and about the brilliant in the title, I sometimes love these mind lapses because it solves problems. Like, seriously. Things that I have been thinking or trying to solve for a while are magically solved with my brain during my lapses. Is it a gift, a health hazard or just creative daydreaming? You decide.

Added Writing: I just saw some recommended tags and it said mind-wandering. Maybe that’s also what my condition is but point is, it distracts me too much that I lose focus from whatever I’m doing. Dangerous mind-wandering.

More Added Writing: As I was editing this post, I thought of a theory to my ‘phenomenon’. What if I was time traveling? That’s plausible, right? I’m doing something, have daydreams that resemble the future and then continue what I was doing slightly further in time. Time travel, it explains everything!


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