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Mind Lapses: Brilliant Yet Dangerous

First of all, I would like to point out that I have no certificate or whatsoever in psychology, neurology or any other thing to do with the study of the brain and its function. But I’m one heck of a debater. Sorry, just wanted to slip that right in. Anyways, my point is that whatever I am writing, I am writing purely of opinion and my writing is anything but scholarly. It is purely for pleasure and perhaps for the mind stimulation of my readers.

Daydreaming gentleman in 1912

This image actually has nothing to do with this post. I just thought it was creepy.

Now, referring to my title, what are mind lapses? I know not of the scientific term for this ‘phenomenon’ but in simple terms, people will call it daydreaming. Yes, what I have creatively named  as mind lapses is just daydreaming. There is a reason for that which I will touch on later.

Now, what I will be telling you is based simply on my own experiences and I do not know if anyone else have these ‘phenomenon’. If you do, feel free to comment below.

Why I can my daydreams as mind lapses because while I daydream, my mind will be ‘transported’ and will go ‘somewhere else’. No, I am not experiencing a spiritual phenomenon or even extraterrestrial. My mind likes daydreaming so much that it pretty much escapes from whatever I am doing. As such, I sometimes forget what I was doing and most of the times, my eyes go out of focus as an effort to focus more on imaging my daydream. That’s why I call them mind lapses, my mind simply becomes some sort of blank, thus creating lapses in my mind.

Now, keep in mind that my theory may or may not be true but the circumstances of these ‘mind lapses’ are true. Sometimes, these lapses become so serious that my focus are diverted from whatever it is that I am doing. But luckily, these mind lapses are short in time. It usually lasts a couple of seconds before I realize that I was just daydreaming. But even a few seconds are vital when driving and I do, I repeat, I do have these lapses during driving. They are dangerous as hell.

Whatever you readers may say, whether I am just over reacting or I am just having a simple case of extreme daydreaming, it occurs enough in my head that I felt the need to write this in my blog in the Ponderings section. But hey, I may name my ‘condition’ as mind lapses but even I know that I am just daydreaming, heavily.

Oh, and about the brilliant in the title, I sometimes love these mind lapses because it solves problems. Like, seriously. Things that I have been thinking or trying to solve for a while are magically solved with my brain during my lapses. Is it a gift, a health hazard or just creative daydreaming? You decide.

Added Writing: I just saw some recommended tags and it said mind-wandering. Maybe that’s also what my condition is but point is, it distracts me too much that I lose focus from whatever I’m doing. Dangerous mind-wandering.

More Added Writing: As I was editing this post, I thought of a theory to my ‘phenomenon’. What if I was time traveling? That’s plausible, right? I’m doing something, have daydreams that resemble the future and then continue what I was doing slightly further in time. Time travel, it explains everything!


One Week After: Chelsea are Kings of Europe after Prestigious Double

There are numerous reasons why I haven’t written anything about the Chelsea victory over Munich exactly one week ago but I won’t elaborate any of the details. Instead, I will tell you about my experiences during that Champions League final.

Chelsea are playing virtually away. Munich on their home soil. Tickets are sold equally but you know that the Bayern fans will cheer louder. Meanwhile, I was in Malaysia waiting for the match. The time is 2.45 am. Another 15 minutes and the ceremony will start.

At that point, I kept thinking about how crazy Chelsea’s season had been. At the start, people were talking about Andre Villas-Boas as if he was a new transfer player. Then there was the streaks of wins and defeats under Villas-Boas. Chelsea’s defense crumbled under him. Every game won must have at least one goal conceded. Then rumors of the Chelsea Old Guard unrest. Lampard is rumored  for a January transfer to Manchester United. Then there was the Carling Cup elimination by the hands of Big Four rival Liverpool. They will later win the Carling Cup. Then, there was the threat of FA Cup elimination after drawing with Birmingham at Stamford Bridge forcing a replay at Birmingham’s home. Chelsea was slipping down the Premier League table. Then Napoli delivered the final blow. At Italy, they came from behind to beat Chelsea 3-1. Only three teams have overturned two goal deficit in the Champions League. Under Andre Villas-Boas, it seemed unlikely that Chelsea would be fourth.

Andre Villas-Boas, perhaps the worst man for the Chelsea job. He was good at Porto, brilliant even but he was way, way to young for Chelsea. And he was way, way too oppressive. And he was way, way too funny on the sidelines. I mean, look at him!

Chelsea’s season is over. Pundits said that this will be the worst Chelsea season in the Roman era. Changing managers had been a bad thing to do. Chelsea were not consistent. But Roman heard none and sacked Villas-Boas in the threat of Champions League elimination, a trophy he so desperately wants. But he had spend a fortune on Villas-Boas who delivered results like Shevchenko and Torres. A third name would join those two in infamy, Villas-Boas. To save money, he gave Villas-Boas’ job to his assistant, Roberto DeMatteo. He was a Chelsea player once and won the  FA Cup with them but as a manager, he did not shine.

Villas-Boas and DeMatteo could not have been any different. Whereas Villas-Boas was overly confident and quite a drama queen on the pitch, DeMatteo was cool, a man of few words and had only reacted when he needed to. In times of crisis, it turned out, DeMatteo was the man for the job. His coolness and respect for the team was exactly what Chelsea needed at that time.

The coolest Chelsea manager, hands down!

“There will only be one DeMatteo,” that was what the Chelsea fans chanted by the end of the season. They were correct. What DeMatteo did was nothing short of a miracle. He won it on Birmingham soil. He overturned a two goal deficit at Stamford Bridge. He won 10 of his 11 matches. He was DeMatteo. A man who put on a poker face on the field. Whenever someone scored, he just kept quiet, smiled and waved his index finger around. Totally different from Villas-Boas who imitated his mentor Jose Mourinho, yelling and jumping around when a goal came.

Look how relaxed DeMatteo is among all the shouting Chelsea players. He’s totally cool about it, perhaps because he has already won this cup before. Or he’s thinking about the Champions’ League final. I think its the latter.

And before anyone ever knew it, Torres scored a goal against Barcelona under DeMatteo. THAT time he showed emotion, not to mention Gary Neville as well (you know what I mean). DeMatteo first won it against Barcelona and drawn them afterwards. And at Wembley, for two games DeMatteo had the help of the Wembley Expert, Didier Drogba. He and Chelsea had long considered Wembley their second home which made people think: “Why haven’t the seats at Wembley changed to blue yet?” Under DeMatteo, Chelsea has won another FA Cup, their fourth in six years. Talk about dominance. And they went to the final beating Tottenham by scoring five goals. At the final, they beat Liverpool with two goals. Blue vs Red, Blue won.

I didn’t have that flag but believe me, I cheered!

It seems that this year was the Year of the Blue. As I sat down the television at 3 am, I was wondering whether or not Blue will win in another Red vs Blue final. First half, there was nothing much to show. I haven’t slept till that morning, I drank a couple cups of coffee and Chelsea was being assaulted. I was alone at home and I was glad. There were cursing, they were kicking and there was shouting, lots and lots of shouting. Half time, I relaxed my vocal chords.

Then the second half. My eyes were wide. Chelsea were defending. I cursed. Then at the 83rd minute, Muller scored an easy one. I cursed and cursed. I stood up and didn’t sit down until the WHOLE game was over. I was jumping, cursing, willing Chelsea to score. And during Chelsea’s second corner kick, that miracle happened. Drogba, now Chelsea Legend scored the equalizer.

Didier Drogba, a Chelsea player, a man, a legend!

I shouted like crazy. Yet I knew that it was not over. For the next half hour, I have never cheered for Chelsea as hard as I did then. There was shouting and jumping and also kicking. That was what you needed to know. Robben had a penalty after Drogba fouled him in the box. I cursed, thinking that the Legend has became our destroyer. But then, Cech somehow saved it under his crotch. That was amazing. And before I knew it, it all came to the penalty shootout.

I wanted Chelsea to win. Penalty was all luck and skill. But stats were favored towards Bayern and even the commentators had said that when it comes to penalties, Germans have that nasty habit of winning it all. And queue the short nightmare for Chelsea fans.

Not only did Lampard wanted to shoot at the Bayern fans goal, but he gave Bayern the choice to shoot first. But little did we know that Lampard would only assist the drama. Lahm went first and scored. Mata went next and missed! What!? Did the commentators words would become reality? Gomez went next and scored and Chelsea changed gear. They were focused. Luiz was up next, a surprise considering that he missed one against Genk in the group stage. He scored. And then Neuer scored. “He saves and scores them,” said the commentator. The night’s captain, Lampard went with power next and scored. And then, Olic went up and can you believe it? He missed! Ashley Cole was pressured but he scored a brilliant penalty, one of the best I’ve seen. “That’s a brilliant penalty, by the way,” the commentator praised. At that moment, it was tied 3-3.

No man was more disappointing on Chelsea’s night of glory than this man. Bastian Schweinsteiger survived an early yellow card only to lose the game by his penalty miss.

Then came Schweinsteiger. He won it against Real Madrid in the semis. He must score now, right? Fate didn’t think so and by the slightest of touches from Cech, it deflected on the post. And quickly after that, Drogba’s figure loomed in front of the goal. He was composed. He was carrying the teams hope on his shoulder right now. A goal would ensure victory. But Drogba didn’t rush. He took his time, made Neuer sweat and with one of the most easy-going penalty ever, he scored. Neuer went the wrong way. I bet even Drogba didn’t expect that because he was crying and showed a face of disbelief. After eight years with the club, he has finally won it a Champions League.

Eight years with Chelsea and countless hardships including a red card in another final in a CL Final in Moscow, Drogba has won it for Chelsea!

Happy players, happy fans. That is what a club should be like.

But sometimes, things don’t go like you want it to. In the beautiful game, there is a winner and a loser. The winner doesn’t necessarily have to play beautifully. The winner is the one to adapt and prevail. Bayern didn’t adapt.

What happened after the penalty shootout was a mix of pride, adrenaline and tears. The game ended about 6 am in Malaysia and I didn’t sleep till 8 am. And that was not the coffee working. That was the adrenaline. Adrenaline and pride didn’t allow me to sleep. Instead, I kept thinking and thinking about Chelsea and how proud I was of them. Finally, a star above our logo. Proof that we are Kings of Europe. Shame that Drogba could not wear that kit next season.

His dream fulfilled. After nine years, Roman Abrahimovich has finally won a CL trophy. Now, about the appointment of DeMatteo…

Under the Roman era, this season was probably the season that people least expected Chelsea to win a cup double. I call this double the Prestigious Double. We were six in the table. We didn’t win the Carling Cup. Instead, two of the most prestigious trophies there is, the FA Cup and Champions League trophy were ours.

DeMatteo delivered a miracle, perhaps the best in Chelsea history.

So, did Chelsea play beautiful football? No, they did not. Did they have solid strategy and immense luck? Yes they did. Did they deserve to win? That is up to opinion but to me, after that hellish season, they deserved to win. But, quoting the words of pundit Jamie Redknapp, this Chelsea team has defied logic this season time and time again. Chelsea did defy logic this season but by doing that, they won the Prestigious Double. The future will be tough for Chelsea without Drogba but at least Torres is staying. Whatever happens, for now, for the present, we know that Chelsea are Kings of Europe. We know that Chelsea has won the Prestigious Double! Our boys have kept the Blue Flag flying high!

Hopefully, we can count on Torres next year to replace that leading role Drogba has left open. Support Torres!

Images courtesy of Chelsea Newsletter.

Amazing win but I took a while to reblog this. I guess that I am still quite shocked and so, so proud. Read my comments on my next blog post entitled ‘One Week After: Chelsea are Kings of Europe.


Atlast proved the critics that WE are THE ” PRIDE OF LONDON “. We become the first club from London to win the Champions League. 

For Abramovich, he tried the Tinkerman, the Special One, the director of football, the World Cup winner, the European Cup winner, the Champions League specialist, and the young upstart – but, in the end, it took the caretaker to win Europe’s biggest prize for Roman Abramovich. Di Matteo, former MK Dons boss and sacked by West Brom before becoming Villas-Boas’ assistant, came in to steady the ship, to hold the fort until the summer when a ‘proper’ coach could be found, one who could propel the club into the owner’s dreamland.

Di Matteo’s final game as interim manager since taking over from Andre Villas-Boas ended with a dramatic 4-3 win on penalties against Bayern in their own Allianz Arena after the game ended 1-1. He was warmly…

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The Concept of Kampung

Some people will literally translate the Malay word kampung into hometown. Some will not even translate that word at all and just write kampung in their writing. But what is kampung really to Malaysians? Hopefully, I can explain it to you foreigners as clear as possible.

My kampung in Tanjung Rimau, Melaka. Looks modern, don’t it?

My kampung is in Tanjung Rimau, Melaka. It was the place where my father was raised and where his parents are living currently. My other kampung is Alor Gajah, Melaka. It was the place where my mother was raised and her parents are living currently. But I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is my hometown but not my kampung.  Do you get it so far?

A slightly less modern home in a kampung. Made of wood, even.

An even more less modern home in a kampung. It doesn’t even have concrete!

Basically, kampungs are defined by generation. That is the simplest way of putting it. My parents once had kampungs in places like Johor and Perak which was the home of their grandparents and after their grandparents dies and they have kids, their kampungs become the place where they were raised and where their parents are currently in. Their kids experience the same thing as they did, having kampungs at their grandparents and after a period of succession, will have their kampungs at the place where they were raised and where their parents are living at the moment. Are you following?

Generally, the concept of kampungs and the succession by generation can be related to the Muslim holy festival of Eid-ul-Fitri. During Eid-ul-Fitri, families will gather and ask for forgiveness for past faults. Eid-ul-Fitri is a fabulous occasion and an important date in the Muslim calendar. Some people even forget enemy bonds so that they can bask in the glory that is Eid-ul-Fitri. To get together, families will go to the one place they have in common: their parents home. Grown up brothers and sisters will bring their kids to their parents place and the effect is that a kampung is born. The same thing will happen to their kids and their kids after that, a succession by generation. That should be clear for you.

Another concept is that kampung is a place that is not modern or not a major city. This concept was insinuated when young people leave their hometowns to go to the big cities and as the cities grow more modern, the hometown remains the same and become their kampung. Basically, kampung in this meaning means places that are backwards. This concept of kampung is not supported that much and will mostly be redundant when future generations decide where their kampung is. If they chose their parents home, then it will be in Kuala Lumpur or other big cities as people now have permanent homes there for work in the cities. Even now, some people celebrate Eid-ul-Fitri in the cities but visibly, cities are empty during Eid-ul-Fitri which makes this concept of kampung probable for the time being.

Kuala Lumpur before Eid-ul-Fitri…

…Kuala Lumpur one day before Eid-ul-Fitri (because everyone is leaving the city to their kampung at the same time)…

… and Kuala Lumpur during the first few days of Eid-ul-Fitri.

I am writing this as a first post of my new Malaysia travelog, despite being born and raised in Malaysia. I hope that my travelog on Malaysia will help people understand, especially outsiders about the unique country that is Malaysia. I started with the concept of kampung because I think that this is one of the things that foreigners are always confused with. Till next time.