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The Hunger Games

This is a good review of The Hunger Games that touches on flaws and strengths as well as the relevance as replacements to HP and Twilight.


The Hunger Games
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Stanley Tucci, Wes Bentley, Elizabeth Banks,
Woody Harrelson, Lenny Kravitz and Donald Sutherland
Directed by: Gary Ross
Rated: PG-13 

Like it or not, The Hunger Games is succeeding the popular and finishing franchises of Harry Potter and Twilight. Both franchises made oodles of bank in America and overseas and fooled a lot of teenagers. Now something has to take their place and what better than the best-selling young adult book “The Hunger Games.” It’s got a lot to please everyone, a futuristic setting, violence, a love story, and politics. Something for everyone in the family.

In the future, after a great war, the world is separated into 12 districts that look more or less like World War II concentration camps, if they had bakeries. Every year to keep the peace, the Capitol selects two “tributes,” a boy…

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Reborn! Volume 17: The Power of the Rings by Akira Amano

Reborn is one of my favourite mangas that I cherish very dearly. I love Reborn so much that despite costing a fortune in my country, I bought the English translations by VIZ because of the quality of it. But you know what makes me tick? The fact that they stop halfway. I don’t get American manga companies. Reborn is not the only one to be treated like that. Future Diary got the same treatment when there was only two more volumes to complete the series. What gives?

To me, manga companies in the States should take responsibility for the manga they translate. By not releasing more translated, licensed manga that has had a huge following, they would only be promoting piracy. Ain’t nothing could better describe the consequences of chickening out of translating a manga.

But moving on, I decided to start reviewing Reborn from Volume 17 because this is one volume after the Future Arc, one of the longest arcs in Reborn, started. The Future Arc started in Volume 16 which I will review later. The Future Arc started right after defeating Xansus in Volume 16. In Volume 17, Tsuna and the gang are discovering the chilling secrets of this era ten years in the future. Another reason is that this is the start when VIZ chickened out of translating the manga. Without giving reason, they just put it in hiatus. Its been two years and not another volume has been translated.

Moving on, after coming to the future, Tsuna and friends receive an SOS from Hibari’s Hibird. But as soon as that happen, Haru reports that Kyoko is missing. What the hell? So what will Tsuna do? Luckily, he has quite a big family so he divides into two teams. One will respond to Hibird and another will look for Kyoko. Thing is, people still need to hold the fort so in the end, two respond to Hibird and two more search for Kyoko, which is pretty thin considering there are swarms of Volgola-thirsty Milliofiore Family member all over Namimori.

Gokudera and Yamamoto, their weak and young version go to Hibird in a place crawling with bad guys and have been alerted that one of the strong bosses of Millifiore, Gamma will be there and Tsuna and Lal Mirch search for Kyoko in a city where there are less people. Why this weird decision? Because Tsuna is injured and can’t fight. To me, won’t it be better if Lal Mirch respond to Hibird? She’s powerful. If they get in a fight, which they will, Lal Mirch is more experienced than young Gokudera and Yamamoto.

In the end, to me, this volume is all about Gamma. This volume introduces Gamma, an A-level captain of a Black Spell squad who is now in Japan with Irie Shoichi who’s motives is still a mystery. Gamma is a lighning user, which puts him in the same attribute as baby Lambo who is present in this era. Be assured that we won’t see those two rumble unless Lambo calls his other self from another 10 years in the future. We seen that once, right? During that fight with Lancia. But thing is, Gamma is stronger than Lancia.

But now that I mention it, if boxes are so important this future, why didn’t adult Lambo used boxes? Shouldn’t it be common sense to use them or did Xansus should’ve been the leader? It’s paradox, no? Tsuna changed history by becoming the new boss and by changing it, created the boxes. Wow, this is so weird. I’m gonna stop now.

In a nutshell, this is a very interesting volume as it tells more of this era and introduces Gamma, the A-level captain who loves pool and is so good at it, he uses it as his weapon.

The Diary of John Slater / Entry #5

I’ve finally made my decision. It was a hard one to make, mind you, but it had to be made. I just couldn’t stand the idea that a piece as great as this would just be sitting in the dumps without the chance to be published and read. The sentimentalist in me shouted and I heard.

Dear diary, today, I began to edit that manuscript. But for some reason, I felt empty editing it. I know that this manuscript belongs to nobody. The owner threw this manuscript away because he/she didn’t want it. They probably though this story was stupid. If so, then he/she is stupid and blind. This is perhaps one of the greatest story ever written about dragons and demons. I don’t think I need to tell you anymore about the story. You know it right? I’ve written about it before in previous entries.

Perhaps whoever wrote this story was old. That was why they thought this story was bad. Old people really do have bad taste. Did you know that old people don’t find pleasure from new music? Yeah, that’s right. I read it in a science article. I wonder if that’s the reason they don’t like Shrillex. But then again, I don’t like Shrillex.

Well, anyways, I’d just like to inform you of my progress with the manuscript. Up until now, I have fixed all the grammar erorrs and beautified a couple of odd sentences. Right now, the manuscript is perfect. If I were to go to an agent right now, I know that without a doubt this will be picked.

But then again, it isn’t about beauty of the manscript at all, isn’t it? Who cares if a manuscript is beautiful when it isn’t even yours? I need to make this mine. To make it personal. To change it radically so that even the original writer wouldn’t recognize this. All they would know is that this is similar to a manuscript that he/she once threw away.

For that, I have launced Operation Rallion, a portmanteu of Radical and Rebellion. So, this is the plan of action. Change the manuscript, as easy as that. That is the mission. To achieve that, I need to perform certain changes that will totally throw off attention to the original manuscript.

First off all, I need to type the manuscript into a new word document. Then I will throw away, nay, burn this manuscript so that no one can trace it back to me. Then, at the Word document, I would use a font different from the original so that even the owner won’t recognize it at first glance. Then, I change at least 10 sentences every chapter. At least. That way, it would read totally different from the original. By the time I’m done with Operation Rallion, this would be a whole new manuscript.

But you’re probably wondering why I would go so far to edit a manuscript that the original owner doesn’t even want, right? Well, lets just say that I have a certain guilt to this manuscript. The less guilt I have, the better. I didn’t steal it so my guilt should be almost nonexistant. But somehow, I do feel it.

Perhaps this is similar to winners’ guilt. You know, when someone wins a lottery he/she shares the win because she feels guilty winning it. To me, finding this manuscript is similar to winning a lottery, albeit a lottery that I have to work a little more to claim the price.

Even after totally changing this manuscript, I still feel a little guilty. Will this guilt ever go away?

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