Eden of the East the Movie II: Paradise Lost

What is Eden of the East the Movie II: Paradise Lost all about?
Paradise Lost continues right after the first film in which Saki and Akira travel to Japan to stop Akira from becoming King of Japan. For some reason, the group, Eden of the East wants to stop Akira from becoming the King of Japan and Akira agrees but when he reaches Japan, different things happen. Akira WANTS to be King of Japan and Juiz does that by implicating that Akira is the illegitimate son of the current dying prime minister. So, he will not become King of Japan but rather, a prime minister which is the closest he can get to since Japan already has an Emperor.  Throughout the movie, people are trying to find out beginnings. Saki tries to find Akira’s mother, Eden of the East tries to end the game and one member of it, Hirasawa even finds out how the game started by meeting Mr. Outside, or Ato Saizo who is in fact, very much alive and is a taxi driver. Ato Saizo is the man who gave the Selecao money and phone and also the one who chose the Selecao by choosing people who rode his cab.

What did you think of the film?
Well, it feels like an origin film rather than a final film. Everyone wants to know the beginning in order for the game to end. There is nothing wrong there though because finally, questions are beginning to get answers, despite the answers being somewhat ridiculous. But then again, this is a film whose original series started with a naked man at the White House. But to me, the ending sucked. It feels no more conclusive than the series. Perhaps this is because I have seen to many episodes of Lost that I want everything to be answered and to have an event after that. But seriously, ending the game saying everyone has won and wiping out their memory and that’s it? What’s the prize? For an anime movie, I expected more.

What did you like about the film?
It was slightly longer than the first film. And… I’m afraid that’s it. The ending ruined everything for me. I want a better ending!

What conclusion did you make from the film?
I don’t usually make bad comments on films, especially anime but for this one, I just had to. Don’t get me wrong, it was good and the whole journey towards the end was really interesting but then it ended just like that. I didn’t reach a conclusion because it ended in a cliffhanger. If it was the first film, I get it because there is a second film but for this one, there is none to succeed it. This is the end. Perhaps the directors need to know that by simply ending the Selecao game is not a way to end the story. What happened to Saki conclusively and what the hell is Akira still doing with Ato Saizo (AKA Mr. Outside) when he doesn’t even remember him (from Akira’s first memory wipe)? Talk about plot holes.

Any last thing to comment on the film?
The directors made Saki and Akira kiss before the final scene only to make Akira disappear with Ato Saizo forever without a chance to meet Saki ever again. Talk about sad (not in the good way).

Talk about a creepy old man. How can he be the one who created the Selecao game?

This woman had a baby (Akira) with the prime minister but it turns out that Akira was not the son of the prime minister. Who is his real father then?

And they never met each other ever again...


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3 responses to “Eden of the East the Movie II: Paradise Lost”

  1. Alexander Campana says :

    I agree that the ending wasn’t very satisfying and I thought it was too open-ended. However, I don’t think that Saki and Akira never meet again. Correct me if I’m wrong, but (according to the english subs I was reading) Saki is narrating that last part six months from the last time they saw Akira. I understood it not as “that was the last time we ever saw Akira” but rather “that was the last time we saw him in the time lapsed so far”. Also, I thought it was implied in the end when Akira was in the taxi with Mr. Outside that Akira was headed to see Saki. After Akira mentions that they have a lot to do, Akira tells Mr. Outside to first make a right on the street they are heading toward. I thought this was an implication of him going to see Saki.

    • Musha Slater says :

      That is a very positive way of thinking about it… Perhaps so… I watched all the series and movies in one sitting so by the end of it, I was probably drunk with anime…. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Natiria says :

    I get the feeling they never meet again either because at the very end of the scene after the credits, she says “This is the story of Takizawa and me. The story of just eleven days.” So, yeah I believe they end it with them never seeing each other again.

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