Eden of the East the Movie I: King of Eden

What is Eden of the East Movie I: King of Eden all about?
This film continues right after the anime series that had eleven episodes. Akira had saved Japan from another missile attack and told Juiz, the mysterious robot voice on the Selecao phone that he wanted to be King of Japan. It turns out, becoming King of Japan is harder than it seems like. Till now, all the Selecao’s demand seem easily fulfilled but in truth, there is a lot to the process. And unluckily for Akira, one of the process of becoming King of Japan is amnesia, once again. So again, it starts exactly like the series with Akira losing his memory. He may lose his memory but all over Japan, people know Akira as Air King, the man who posed who saved Japan. Meanwhile, Akira is in America and Saki, so desperately misses him that she travels there under threats from other Selecao to find him. Its the anime series all over again!

What did you think of the film?
I personally liked it. After watching the anime series, it was refreshing to know that there is a continuation to it. However, it was short. That was one of the things I did not like about the film. But perhaps it was understandable. The director seperated the story into arcs and this film just told another arc in which Saki searches for Akira. The second movie is the one to watch for. That is the movie that will really interest fans.

What did you think about the plot?
The director played safe. That was what I thought. The plot was steady and each one of the scenes display a sort of relaxed feel to it. In a nutshell, the director didn’t feel a need to rush the story. The film was allowed to breath, allowed to flow and as such, people who had scene the series enjoyed it. Sure this film didn’t answer the questions from the first film but hey, if you want to see revelations, wait for film number two because that will provide lots of revelations.

What conclusion did you make from the film?
Nothing. That’s right, nothing. Any sort of conclusion that I will make must happen in the second film because this film was short, secretive and was too relaxed. I imagine that this film is juts a filler between the series and the true film, the second film. In this film, everything that happened seemed to be preparing for the second movie and that’s it. To truly enjoy this film, you must watch it with the second one, which I did.

Akira in a suit in America while Saki sheepishly tries to find him. Can't believe she did find Akira

Perhaps the most shocking events is the return of the Johnny Hunter, this woman who hunts men's p****


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