The Diary of John Slater / Entry #3

Is life seperated in partitions? There will be good time and there will be bad times, all seperated into partitions that don’t interact with each other.  For one time in my life, there seem to be only bad luck that happens, but then in another time, there seem to be an endless stream of good lucks that for most of it, all of my bad lucks are forgotten. Life sure is good if that could happen. Could it?

But that would be forgetting Murphy’s Law. What is Murphy’s Law, dear diary? Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. I don’t know where it started, perhaps I will check it in Wikipedia later. But Murphy’s Law actually supports my theory on luck. When things are good, then Murphy’s Law messes things. Then after Murphy’s Law ends, so starts good luck until the cycle is repeated that it becomes bad again. On and on without an end. Perhaps I should patent it and call it Slater’s Law. Luck is devided in partitions that will go around and around without an end.

Now, enough with the rambling, time to get to the juice. What is it, you ask? Well, something bad has happened. Well, good if it’s viewed in a normal way but when you combine it with the manuscript, it becomes bad. Well, sort of.

This all started when I went to drink coffee at a shop called Delicino, a name created from the portmanteu of Delicious and Cappucino. To make a long story short, I met Samantha. Yeah, you read right, diary. Samantha, the girl who read my stories and who was a super-reader. The reason I became a writer! In case you have a bad memory, which you don’t cause you aren’t even real, she was the girl I talked about in my first entry. She was my whole reason for writing. I had to repeat that! But I haven’t seen her in years. Why is she suddenly here, in my hour of need and desperation? Is it a sign from fate? Wow, that seemed too poetic.

“Samantha?” I said, that surprised tone faked because I could see her from the moment I entered the store.

“Slater? John Slater?” she said, the surprise in her voice real as real can be.

“Yeah, its me. What are you doing here?”

“Well, I live here. What are you doing here?”

“Well, I live here too.”

“Wow, really? You aren’t kidding. After all this years we’re reunited again, huh?”

“Yeah, talk about fate.”

She narrowed her eyes as soon as I said that. I flailed my arms desperately, gesturing her that it was not what I meant. She just laughed.

“Are you here with anyone, Samantha?”

“What, me? No, I’m alone. Care to join me?”

“Cool. We can catch up. Let me buy a drink first, alright?”

She nodded and I quickly bought coffee. When I returned, we sat down and talked. Yeah, talked. With a real girl. How long has it been since I did that? I forgot the sound of another woman other than the people on TV and my mom and also the nice lady at the counter of Delicino.

But that was when Murphy’s Law interrupted with my Slater’s Law. Or was it a weird continuation of Slater’s Law?

“So, what are you doing now, John?”

“Well,” I hesitated, not sure to disclose the fact that I was unemployed. “I’m writing a novel.”

“Really, a novel? What kind of novel?”

By this time, I was sweating like crazy. I just had to say that. She was a super-reader! She has Superman’s reading power. How could I say that? I’m so, so, so stupid. But since I said this much, I might as well continue.

I told her everything. Well, not everything. I told her about the main plot, the main characters, the antagonist. I may or may have not forgotten to mention that this was someone else’s story.

“Wow, I would love to read that story. Seems interesting. You were a good story writer once, you know that, John?”

This is the part that I’m not so sure. Is this Murphy’s Law or Slater’s Law? Or is this something else entirely? Pygamalion Effect? What is Pygamalion Effect? Do I have to tell you everything, diary? It is a condition when someone is expected more and they do better because of the pressure of it. Something like that. Is it Pygamalion Effect that Samantha used without knowing? Because this was my respose to her remark:

“You wanna read it? I have the manuscript right now in my bag.”


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4 responses to “The Diary of John Slater / Entry #3”

  1. evesucre says :

    Yay, they meet again. :)) And he finally did it. By it, I mean he finally gave in to the temptation of owning the work which I kind of expected though not with Samantha (gosh, why did you made him lie to Samantha?). And you seem to know many theories, I’ve googled them and learned a lot. Thank you very much 😀

    • Musha Slater says :

      I even invented a theory! But I think that theory doesn’t count since this is, you know, fiction… And there’s even more theory next entry so learn more! Hahaha… I had to make him lie to Samantha or else how would he have the motivation, right? If you liked this, spread word about this series. I could really love the publicity seeing as I stopped this series due to low views. I have the story finished and would probably continue if more people read it. Thanks for reading the series! Having you on board is loads of fun!

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