Dangerous Creek For Balls / Chapter Five: Mann

Felt beige cowboy hat on a white background

“Why are you crying, boy?” a man said behind Marston.

Marston was crying the cry of his life. He had never known he could cry like this before. He turned around and say a man with a white cowboy hat and a long beard plus mustache, eyes sharp and face as serious as a rock. He looked at Marston as if he was disgusted with him.

“Where is your dignity, boy? You’re a man, not a woman,” the man continued, surprising Marston. Where was all this coming from? Why was that man scolding young Marston.

Marston responded: “Dignity?”

“Your pride,” he replied, his voice thick with Texas accent.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Marston said with his sob still present.

“Just playing with you, kid,” he said finally. “I saw what happened back there. You okay?”

“Okay?” Marston yelled, annoyed at this person in front of him. “What part is this okay? That Sasquatch took my ball. He took my ball without permission. And I’m lost in this jungle. How can I be okay?”

“Whoa. Relax, boy. I’m just asking. What’s your name, by the way?”


“Marston? Sounds like a cowboy’s name to me.”

“Its my name, not a cowboy’s name.”

“You wanna know something, Marston? Sometimes, its okay to cry.”

“Its okay to cry?”

“You got that right. You cry because you’re emotional. Emotions cloud your judgement. You get what I’m saying here boy?”

Marston just nodded.

“When you’re done crying, you’ll get rid of that emotion and only then will you know what to do. So done crying?”

Marston nodded again.

“And what do you want to do now?”

“Ask you your name.”

“The name’s Mann. Robert Mann. Some call me The Mann, other Roberto Gonzalez.”

“Roberto Gonzalez?”

“That’s just a nickname for fitting in with the Mexicans. Anyhow, Marston, what can I do for you?”

“Can you show me the way out?”

“That I cannot do but tell you one thing, I’ll show you where I live.”

Marston nodded and followed the man named Robert Mann into the forests to where Mann lives.

Chapter Four: The Sasquatch l Index


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4 responses to “Dangerous Creek For Balls / Chapter Five: Mann”

  1. Nick Rolynd says :

    Hm, interesting. I like the dialogue quite a lot. Thanks for sharing. =)

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