One Year After: Always Stay Strong Japan!

I planned to post another chapter of Dangerous Creek For Balls today but I stopped when I looked at the date, March 11th 2012. That’s right, its been exactly one year since the 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami that resulted in a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. One year has passed and Japan still stands strong despite all odds.

The Great East Japan Earthquake or the 311 Earthquake was memorable to me because of the scale of it and the gruesome images I saw. I still remember tuning in the news, watching those mud waves ravage countrysides like they were a piece of butter that very day. People died that day. People who had a future and people who had a role to serve in this world. But all that ended that day for those people and the people of Japan grieved in unison.

But in adversity, heroes were brought forward. The Fukushima 50 stayed behind to make sure that the people of Japan did not survive a tsunami to die in a nuclear meltdown. They endured and saved countless lives that day. They were true heroes, a symbol for Japan to move forward and to endure in face of adversity.

Here I would like to give a message to all of Japan. It’s been one year since that tragic day but you are still standing. Despite back to back disasters, you endured and didn’t fall down. You did not give in to mental weariness. You are the symbol of strength for the world and you are a role models for other countries that have and will experience disasters. You are Japan. You have stayed strong after countless of earthquakes before and you will now too.


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4 responses to “One Year After: Always Stay Strong Japan!”

  1. adiek84 says :

    Great post! The strength of the people in Japan is outstanding!

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