What is Paul all about?
Paul tells the story of two British comic fans who decided to attend the San Diego Comic Con in America and embark on a road trip across the States to places famous for UFO activity. Along the way, the meet Paul, a crazy and rude alien who claims to have been living on Earth since his saucer crashed in the 50’s. He also claims that he has helped humanity (one instance is that he inspired ET) and that he his being chased for his stem cell in his brain.

What did you think of the film?
At first, I thought that this film was part of The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy but it turns out, it was not. Despite having the same main actors, it was missing some major things. One of them is the Cornetto itself and the other is the fast-paces scene cuts that was present in the previous two films.

Did you think the film was funny and enjoyable?
Funny? Yes. Hilarious? No. Enjoyable? Only when you’re alone but not when there were kids around. Unbelievably, there was a lot of cussing and sexual references that watching it with my brothers became… uncomfortable. The film comes across as being children-like but then, it ruined it by all the cussing and sexual references. Perhaps if they had gone through with making this a children’s film rather than deviate to a more adult theme, they would make quite a success because I bet there would be a lot of children who would want to see Paul the alien and his craziness.

Would you recommend the film to anyone who hasn’t watched it?
If you want to see Simon Pegg and Nick Frost do their usual stuff, you best avoid this because to me, this is their weakest film yet. It was funny and you might enjoy it, but for someone you has watched the first two films of The Three Flavours Cornetto countless times before, this was a disappointment. The humor was just not sharp enough for the fast-paced legacy of the Cornetto Trilogy. However, this might be enjoyable to people who like to cuss and see people do stupid stuff. I have no doubt about it.

The silly duo is as good as ever but there was something terribly missing to make this film a Nick and Pegg must-see film.


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2 responses to “Paul”

  1. RichardJ Lester says :

    Hi Musha,
    I recently watched this video and enjoyed it immensely, allowing for the ‘American’ sense of humour, of course.
    Looking forward to your next ‘satirical’ review.

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