The Woman In Black

What is The Woman In Black all about?
The Woman In Black is a story set in England around the Industrial Revolution era. Basically, there was a solicitor, Arthur Kipps played by Daniel Radcliffe who was given the responsibility of managing the assets of Alice Drablow who had died recently. He goes to this scary house on an island in the marshes called the Eel Marsh House. But what Kipps didn’t know was that Alice Drablow is a child kidnapper and she had kidnapped her own sister’s son who later on died under their care. So the sister dies of self-murder (suicide) and becomes this scary Woman In Black who kills a child whenever someone sees her for revenge.

What are your thoughts on this film?
Scary. The film was definitely scary. Sound effects are only suspenseful. The film had silent moments. That was nerve-wrecking. Plus, there was the matter of The Woman In Black. She was creepy scary. Especially when she screamed. You can’t predict when she screams so when she does, you’re usually off guard.

Did you ever close your eyes during the film?
Close my eyes? I’m not that cowardly. Though I did squint once or twice. Why I squinted? That’s because the film was dark. I couldn’t see what happened. I swear I wasn’t scared. It was a dark film. It’s hard to see.

What do you think of Harry, I mean Daniel Radcliffe’s acting?
Funny of you to mention Harry because all those while he was ‘fighting’ The Woman In Black, I was expecting him to wave his wand and recite “Expecto Patronum” on The Woman In Black. I mean who knows? Maybe she is a new version of Dementors? One that can be disguised as a scary human in order to do the Dark Lord’s bidding. Perhaps a version that J.K. Rowling never had the chance to write?

Did you have nightmares after watching The Woman In Black?
To be honest, I did have nightmares after watching the film. I keep remembering her face at the end of the film, the one that looks at the audience in a scary, sharp look. As if saying, “Don’t judge me.” But I did judge her as bad and I was afraid that she would come after me. The effect? Whenever I’m around children, I keep looking around to see if The Woman In Black would be there, which is a stupid thing to do because if I did see her, one of the kids nearby would die. Tragic, isn’t it?

Daniel Radcliffe seems too young to play Arthur Kipps but then I realized that was what it wanted. To make Kipps seem gullible and not too mature, hence Harry Potter.

The character Arthur Kipps had lots of guts going to a house like that alone. Then again, ain't the male characters of Paranormal Activity brave for challenging a ghost like Kipps?


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