Good & Bad News: Skeptical and End

I have a couple of good and bad news. Good news is that I have changed the blog’s theme from Chunk to Skeptical. I did it with the notion of being more readable and more accessible. Chunk was beautiful but the sidebar didn’t exist so I had to sacrifice the chunky words for a more elegant and better-to-the-eye Skeptical. With Skeptical, my readers can now access the blog much better now and better yet, all my posts are already archived for you at the pages menu. Click away and discover the wonder of Fiction In Crazy Mode.

Bad news is that I have decided to discontinue The Magicians’ Saga due to low ratings. No point in producing if no one’s reading. However, they can still be found on Wattpad, fully posted with chapters not available on the blog. I have had fun writing The Magicians’ Saga but let bygones be bygones. Because of that, I have deleted all the posts relating to The Magicians’ Saga. Lets not look back on it and continue with the future, alright?

Now that that bad news is over with, I’ll proceed to another good news. I have decided to continue The Diary of John Slater, a writing practice of mine that I though would not be continued. But I had had a change of heart and you will now be reading about the writer, John Slater, not to be confused with Musha Slater. What kind of trouble did he get into that he is being thrown out of his own home?

Good news again, there will be lots of posts for readers to read in the coming months. If I can keep to it, I will update my blog almost every day and my posts will range from writing stories to reviews of movies and TV series. Plus, Dangerous Creek For Balls takes a funny yet bizarre twist in the coming chapters. Want to know what? Continue reading Fiction In Crazy Mode, the blog of Musha Slater.


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