Riyadh Avenue Mall: Lulu and More…

Riyadh Avenue Mall looks majestic from the front and looks beautiful on the inside

To tell the truth, I didn’t even know that the name of this mall was Riyadh Avenue Mall. All I knew was that my dad called this place Lulu Hypermarket. Why, you ask? That is because the single biggest thing in this mall is Lulu Hypermarket, a sort of a Tesco in a mall. As a matter of fact, at the side of mall, there is a large neon sign saying Lulu Hypermarket. I don’t have images of that now but maybe later.

The fountain greeting visitors... which is not working

Going inside Riyadh Avenue Mall, there is a fountain waiting for visitors. It’s a small fountain but for such a small mall, it was impressive. Another mall, Riyadh Gallery even has a small river in it but that is for another post.

A Krispy Kreme right in front of the large Lulu Hypermarket

And as soon as you pass the fountain, there is a couple of shops that sell clothes and food and even a Krispy Kreme in it but right after that, there is Lulu Hypermarket. Other than that, there is nothing much in Riyadh Avenue Mall. But if I were to write a post about Riyadh Gallery, then that would be a whole nother matter.

Regardless, I will still show images of the Lulu Hypermarket because this is something that people in South Asian countries populated by Muslims could not imagine. Not because they’re backwards or anything but because most Muslims in Asian countries see Saudi from the two holy cities: Mecca and Medina. And in those cities, there is modernity but not as much as Riyadh. So, look at these images and behold the modern Saudi.

Rows and rows of items for the taking

Petrol oil is cheap in Saudi but not these vegetable oil. Plants are hard to find and these oils has to imported from outside of Saudi to processed in Saudi.

Vegetables are amazing in a Saudi market. There are produces from Thailand, Europe and a bunch of other countries

Produces from Saudi and from foreign countries is also available. Selection is wide and never-ending



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One response to “Riyadh Avenue Mall: Lulu and More…”

  1. an-an78 says :

    is there a list of the boutiques inside Riaydh avenue mall?

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