Sandstorms: Mission Impossible Got It Right

Since coming to Riyadh in January, my stay here has been quite event-less, nature-wise. The chilling cold is the only thing to note when it came to Riyadh weather in winter. As Riyadh approaches higher temperatures, weird things happen. One day it was cold and the next hot and then cold again. But the most weirdest thing is the sandstorm.

I was playing a game on TV at that time and things were normal. It was the 25th of February. Outside, it was sunny and peaceful. Nothing out of the ordinary. I turn around one second and the next thing I knew, darkness ascended. I’m being hyperbolic, I know but I can’t describe it any other way. I did see some heavy winds outside but for a sandstorm to hit Riyadh? I didn’t expect that.

The outside of my home during the sandstorm...

...and the outside of my home before the sandstorm. Different, right?

I know that Riyadh is not Dubai. The title of my blog post says ‘Mission Impossible Got It Right’ despite MI4 was filmed in Dubai. But Dubai and Riyadh are quite close. By car, you’ll get there in less than half a day. So I assume that the weather will be similar. Look at the images below. Looks kinda like in MI4 during the sandstorm chase, doesn’t it?

Even in a sandstorm, people are still trying to reach places. Can't get holed up in the car all 'sandstorm-long', right?

See how violent the sandstorm is? Trees were shaking furiously. I would be scared just being in those cars

After the sandstorm, there was light rain which is very unusual to see in Saudi, a hot climate country. Combine that with sand and it was pretty much ugly outside after the sandstorm. And cold to. During the sandstorm, I could only capture images of the sandstorm from the inside of my house. But these other videos will show you how bad the sandstorm was. Some Saudis even commented saying it was the worst so far. Could it get worse? I hope not.


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