Janadriyah Festival: 40-acres of Saudi Culture and Heritage

Dessert is mostly what you get to see on the way to Janadriyah

The first time I heard of Janadriyah was when my father invited me to visit there with two of his friends. At that time, I was totally clueless about Janadriyah. In fact, my father didn’t even say the word ‘Festival’ in it which made me wonder and wonder what Janadriyah truly was. In my mind, I imagined it to be a museum that showcase Saudi history in one building. I was close but was also far.

This is a highway in the middle of the dessert and it was jammed. Imagine how many people went to the Janadriyah Festival

They're not allowed to do it but what do Saudi drivers care? Its their country, let them use their desserts for shortcut

The Janadriyah festival for Saudi Heritage and Culture is an annual event that takes place in Janadriyah, near Riyadh. The festival commemorates the rich history and culture of Saudi Arabia and is an attraction for Saudi people and foreigners alike. The festival is an open-air exhibition that takes place over 40-acres. At the festival, there are small buildings that show the history and culture of each state in Saudi Arabia. Most buildings that have exhibitions in it showcase it in Arabic, so basically, most exhibitions are useless to me but nonetheless, it is eye-pleasing to watch the culture and history of Saudi Arabia in the flesh.

I'm not sure which state this gateway comes from but isn't it beautiful? It looks very majestic

This building is a life-size model of houses from ancient Mecca. The Mecca exhibition center is where most of the good food can be found (good in my opinion)

The festival is basically divided into two time periods (if there is any more time periods, I never heard it), one period for men-only and another for family. I have been to both periods and to me, the atmosphere of the festival is different in those periods. During the men only period, the festival was loud, people were laughing everywhere and boys were being boys. During the family period, however, things were quieter, people were behaving themselves even more because of the presence of women. So if you ask me, I love it when it was men-only (no offense to women, of course).

People look civilised when there is women present but when there was no women, the men went wild, walking fast and talking really loud. There was even a parade inside the compound of Janadriyah. In short, a festival!

One of the things that I like the most about this festival is the food. There was so many food and some foods can’t even be found in Riyadh. There were foods from states like famous Mecca and let me tell you, they were delicious. The food looked exotic enough and tasted truly great.

In short, the Janadriyah Festival is truly the place anyone can be to experience the old heritage and culture of Saudi Arabia. Next year, when the Janadriyah Festival comes, I will definitely be there, that is if I’m still in Saudi by then.


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