Saudi Arabia From My Window

A small part of King Saud University

Since I am online right now, I might as well tell readers, if there is any readers at all about little parts of my life. I am originally from Malaysia, a not-so-small country in Southeast Asia. I have three little brothers and I am the eldest. My mum works as a teacher in Selangor and my dad is a lecturer.

If you’re wondering why the title of this post is as above, it is because right now, I am in Saudia Arabia. Yes, the land of the prophets of Islam. The largest producer of oil in the world. Home of some of the most interesting people I’ve met so far.

Before my move to Saudi, my dad works as a lecturer in a university in Malaysia. Details aside, he got an offer to work as a lecturer in King Saud University of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Wanting better pay, he moved.

He has been here for two years. I have just been here one month. Why? Because I needed to finish the SPM, or the O-Level equivalent exams in Malaysia. Again, details aside, I have finished that O-Level and moved here. Well, not permanently but eventually, I’ll return to Malaysia, hopefully when the results of SPM come out. Anyways, my family won’t be missing Malaysia much because every year, they get a paid trip to Malaysia for the summer.

The picture above was taken from a window in my new home. Because my dad works as a lecturer in King Saud University, it is quite easy to assume he will have a house nearby. Look at the gate at the picture. That is the border of King Saud University. But don’t judge it ugly yet. Look further to buildings in the background.You see those structures? That is still King Saud University. King Saud University is the biggest university in Saudi Arabia and just look at that. Gigantic! Well, I hope you liked my weird post. Hopefully, I’ll be posting more posts about Saudi Arabia, to document my time here in this strange new land (this is even starting to sound like a story).



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