My New Samsung Galaxy R

I have been using an old, black-and-white handphone for quite some time now. Its not that I had no money to upgrade, its just that my parents are the type that do not like to pamper their kids too much. My old phone was just to connect with them. That phone I aquaired after much debate.

Now that I have graduated from school, I am finally allowed a better phone, a smartphone. That was when I started to search the internet for good phones to buy. After a while, I decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy.

At first, I wanted to buy either a Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Note but as you techies might know, that’s a bit too expensive. Another option, the Samsung Galaxy SII but was rejected due to price. At last, I settled for a Samsung Galaxy R, a model that looks like Galaxy SII but less features and cheaper price.

And that brings me to the present. I am currently typing this post using the WordPress Android app. I love the app but it is too darn exhausting. And right now, its not checking my spelling so I apoligize for any typos. I think that is all. My mind is tired from typing on the phone.


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