Dangerous Creek For Balls / Chapter Two: Ball Astray

Dawn at Swifts Creek, Victoria, Australia

After completing first grade, summer became a time that Marston and Robert polished their love for soccer. They even called the game football, which was the proper name for the sport in its birthplace, England. In this summer, they began to dream of a bright future as soccer players. After watching the Barclays Premier League of England on the Internet, they took up the goal of being as good as those players. They took up a vow to enter the Major League Soccer, the professional league in America when they grew up.

To make a long story shorter, the two boys decided to meet up at Chisolm’s Creek in Wichita along with their families to play soccer. It was summer and the condition was perfect to play soccer. They played and played until they were astray from their families, who were chatting happily under a canopy roof.

They played and played until the ball took them to the edge of a forest at the Creek. With their powerful kicks, it was no wonder that the ball eventually strayed into the forest. And based on the power of Marston’s kick, the ball landed far away.”Look at what you’ve done, Marston!” yelled Robert, enraged at what his friend just did.

“It’s your fault,” Marston countered.

“How can it be my fault?”

“Why didn’t you catch the ball I kicked?”

Robert shook his head. “How could I? It was so far away. You know who did that?”

“Me?” Marston answered, not understanding sarcasm.

“Yes, and you know what that means?”

Marston sighed. “It means I have to get it back.”

“Good boy,” Robert jeered.

“You’re the same age as me Robert. Don’t act all grown up. Plus, it’s your ball, why do I have to get it for you.”

“Cause you did it?”

Marston felt like yelling. But still, because of the desire to play soccer, he braved himself and ventured on into the woods. Little did he know, that would be the biggest mistake of his life. It would lead to a dangerous adventure, an adventure too tough for the young boy of eight to handle.

Marston bravely stepped into the forests of Chisolm’s Creek. He gulped and looked back towards Robert. Robert motioned his hands forwards, a signal asking for Marston to be faster. Marston gulped again and walked into the forest.

After one hour of waiting, Marston didn’t come out. After two hours of waiting, Marston still didn’t come out. After three hours, both their families were packing their bags to go home but still Marston didn’t come out. Robert waited and waited, growing more anxious with every minute that passed. Robert didn’t know it then but he would never see his friend again. It was the very last time that Robert would see Marston.

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