This goes to show that you yourself are responsible for the road you take. Just like the man in the photo, he leads the direction in which his road goes, not someone else. Very inspirational photo.



“Go Your Own Road” – Sweden – Erik Johansson – Featured Photographer

Hello Community!  We just wanted to thank the thousands of viewers who have been coming each day to   Today we wanted to try a little experiment.  We request that everyone who comes to the site today please press the Facebook button below to share us on your page.  This is only a request and if you don’t want to don’t worry we will never know.   We would like to try out the social reach of our little community.  Thanks a lot in advance and enjoy Erik’s image.  I am sure all your friends will too!

Try and wrap your head around this one.  You could take the message of this photograph in so many different directions.  The only common denominator is that they all start at “Amazing”.  Erik has a way of seamlessly blending reality and fantasy. …

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