Dangerous Creek For Balls / Chapter One: Marston

Official seal of Wichita, Kansas

Once upon a time, in a not too distant past, probably two or three years ago, there lived a boy named Marston. He had no last name, just Marston. His parents knew that when he grew up, he would do something for society. They knew Marston would be great. They gave him that name so that people who hear his name would instantly know it was him, not someone else, not some other Marston.

Little Marston lived in the state of Kansas, in a little city called Wichita. In Wichita, he had many friends and he was kind to the neighbors. He had been bred by his parents as a gentleman and even at a young age of six, he had been adored by many.

Marston loved to play ball. He had all kinds of balls. Baseball, basketball, football, you name it. But the ball that he loved the most was the soccer ball. He never felt anything as good as playing soccer. He idolized all the soccer players that the world had come to respect. Ronaldo, Beckham, Rooney, Ibrahimovic, Messi and many more.

But alas, soccer isn’t the sport most encouraged at school. People at school played double dutch and baseball. As they were playing those, Marston was busy practicing soccer, all alone with no friends. That was when he met Robert Mason.

Marston and Robert had been in the same class in first grade. For four months, they never knew of each other’s existence. Robert had his own friends while Marston had his own friends as well. Marston and Robert first met during Physical Education.

Robert saw from afar what Marston was doing. He was balancing a soccer ball and kicked it to the wall and then balancing it again. He has skill, was what went through Robert’s mind at that time. He decided to go and check Marston out.

“Hello,” said Robert, cautiously approaching Marston. Marston nodded, focused on what he was doing. “Whatcha playing there?”

Instantly, Marston’s face lit up. He smiled from ear to ear, happy that someone in his school finally asked him to explain soccer (not directly but it’s the same meaning).

“You don’t know soccer?”

Robert shook his head. As soon as he did that, Marston began to explain everything about soccer. He explained passionately, whipping his hands back and forth in a show of passion. By the time he was done, Robert’s face also lit up. That as how great Marston’s love for soccer is, able to attract people to play in one ‘lecture’.

“Teach me,” Robert said, his eyes glinting with enthusiasm. Marston gladly taught him soccer.

From that day on, Marston and Robert were good friends. But alas, their friendship was not to last as a great tragedy was to befall them. The tragedy that tore their friendship apart and also endangered their lives began one day when they were playing soccer at Wichita’s famous Chisolm’s Creek. Things were never the same after that.

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