Confusion, much?

If you’ve been reading my blog, sorry for the confusion I have caused you. It’s just that recently, I discovered that people of WordPress really love their WordPress community. So in keeping up with this unity, I decided not to link readers to my Wattpad but post my chapter of The Magicians’ Saga here. It’ll be easier to read for people who loves to read on WordPress. And I even converted the chapters so it won’t be too long for a blog post.

Starting today, there will be a new The Magicians’ Saga chapter every three days. That is the schedule that I feel will suit me. My chapters will still be readable on Wattpad but primarily, I blog here on WordPress.

As for The Diary of John Slater, that is an impromptu writing project, a writing practice. There is no schedule bound to it but I will work for it to happen. I will post any time and I hope that people read it.

I hope that readers will continue supporting me and I hope that you will follow me. Thank you.


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